On 4 October 2012 DCAF/AI organized a strategic planning workshop for a limited number of AWJ members, including representatives of the Coordinating Committee. At this workshop AWJ members identified stakeholders, discussed the vision and mission of the AWJ and drafted key activities and broad priorities for the AWJ. Support for the Association was given personally by H.E. Vibeke Lilloe, Norway’s Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The following Strategic Priorities were outlined by the Coordinating Committee and approved at the General Assembly meeting on 21 December 2012:

  1. Strengthening the gender sensitivity of women judge for further action in the field of judicial reform and integration of gender component in the process in itself as well as in its results,
  2. Strengthening of the Association at the state level through the provision of membership throughout the whole country and strengthening of the internal communication among members,
  3. Strengthening partnerships with other organizations that work in the justice sector in order to contribute to strengthening other initiatives that contribute to the restoring of confidence in the courts and ensure better implementation of the law.