The Atlantic Initiative is organizing International conference: “International Perspectives on Gender and Justice: Theory and Practice” that will be held in Sarajevo from 28 to 30 October 2019 at the Hotel Bristol / Novotel.

During a three-day program participants will hear lectures from 39 exceptional international and local researchers and professors and have an opportunity to debate and discuss latest issues in gender and Justice field.

“Gender and Justice: Theory and practice across contexts” will be an interdisciplinary conference that seeks to explore the intersection of justice and gender in various contexts and provide space for participants to share challenges and progress in this area, as well as research and good practices. The conference is envisioned as an exchange of theory and practice, producing valuable inputs for judicial professionals, but also for civil society organizations, academics, and researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds, beyond the law, given the myriad fields concerned with the intersection of gender equality and justice. The conference will gather a number of distinguished scholars and practitioners from a broad spectrum of disciplines, who will present their latest research and provide critical reviews of practices in their countries.

Please confirm your attendance by October 10, 2019, by e-mail: or by calling +387 33 262 645

The conference program can be downloaded at Link.

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Source: Atlantic Initiative (September 26, 2019)