On February 7, 2013 the Swiss Ambassador to BiH, André Schaller, and his wife, Brigitte Schaller-Schoepf, hosted a luncheon in honor of the AWJ. Norwegian Ambassador Vibeke Lilloe co-chaired the event.

The purpose of the luncheon was to raise the visibility of the AWJ among international and state-level institutions and promote opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. To that end, Judges Adisa Zahiragić, Biljana Vučetić, Amela Mahić-Samardžić, and Rada Bjeljac, who represented the AWJ at the luncheon, each made short presentations outlining the history, vision, activities, and achievements of the AWJ since its inception in 2009. The judges also addressed some of the challenges confronted by the AWJ and identified the support necessary to overcome them.

Also in attendance were US Ambassador Patrick Moon and his wife Danuta Moon, OSCE Deputy Head of Mission Nina Suomalainen, UN Women (BiH) Head of Office Amna Muharemović, Deputy Director to the Secretariat of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Counsel (HJPC) Amra Jašarević, Advisor to the HJPC Secretariat Sven Marius Urke, Project Coordinator for the Swiss Agency for Development Almir Tanović, along with Anja Ebnöther and Heather Huhtanen from DCAF, and Majda Halilović and Maida Ćehajić from the Atlantic Initiative.