Youth from BiH at seminar in Serbia


An international seminar entitled “Qualify to Quality,” held in Kovacica (Serbia) from March 18th -26th, 2010, presented the social theatre concept as a way to resolve conflicts.

The seminar was organized by The Youth Dialogue Program from Novi Sad, under auspicious of the EU Youth in Action Program. It was an international gathering of young people who work in the non-government sector or with local communities. It was an opportunity to exchange experiences and gain a new knowledge about conflict resolution.

The tutors and lecturers were conflict management and resolution experts, coming from different parts of the world: Snezana Bačlija (Serbia), Andrea-Loredana Tudorache (Romania) and Fadi Shbita (Palestine).

The training course focused on conflict from a more modern and scientific approach. Conflict resolution skills are useful both professionally and personally, individually and globally. The seminar included discussions about different elements of conflict; conflict definition, conflict analysis, transformation, basic concepts of conflict resolution and management, including the skills for assertive communication and consensus building.

The participants were also introduced to a new method of conflict resolution known as the Social Theatre, which is very helpful in educational settings.
A great advantage of this training program was also the fact that participants worked in an intercultural environment, exchanging ideas, opinions, and experiences. They analyzed complex issues of conflict sources, including prejudices. Exchanging experiences helped develop new approaches to conflict resolution. Through various activities which aimed to develop conflict development and analysis skills, young experts with different social experiences had an opportunity to help achieve the seminar objectives.

Conflict resolution is both social and a personal issue, and therefore conflict resolution is a marketable professional skill, especially in the field of security-related jobs. Many professionals, such as judges, counselors, police officers, and lawyers, use conflict resolution skills in their line of work, whether trying to avoid an upcoming conflict or to resolve an existing one. When a national or an international conflict is mismanaged, it can have serious consequences on the security level. On the other hand, when handled in a respectful and positive way, conflict provides an opportunity for growth.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a perfect example of the country where such experiences are extremely desirable.


By: Jasna Pekic
Photo: The Youth Dialogue Program