Public Relations

{gallery}newsletters/14/4/1/{/gallery}NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, in cooperation with EUFOR, BiH Ministry of Defense, BiH Ministry of Security, the Armed Forces of BiH, SIPA, Border Police, Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, the RS Ministry of Internal Affairs, Professional Firefighter Brigade of the Sarajevo Canton and Emergency Service Sarajevo, organized manifestation „Open Security Days“ to present themselves to citizens of Sarajevo.

All of the above mentioned services present their work, equipment, technical and technological means, work procedures, video footage. Specialized trainings will be organized, drills, as well as presentation of vehicles and other equipment at the parking space in front of “BiH Armed Forces House”.

The manifestation was opened on December 6, 2010 in Sarajevo and will close on December 9. The first two days will be dedicated to exhibitions and presentations of the services, while the third and the fourth will focus on public relations trainings for members of the Armed Forces of BiH. Introductory speeches at the opening were held by Milan Žurman from NATO HQ Sarajevo, Safety and Security Assistant to Minister of Defense Marinko Šiljegović, and BiH Deputy Minister of Security Mijo Krešić.

BiH Minister of Defense Selmo Cikotić, held a special press conference on the occasion of the 51st World Military Championship in skiing in BiH, which will be held on February 26, 2011.


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