Atlantic Initiative and the Embassy of UK and Northern Ireland in BiH organized on November 8 at the Faculty for Criminal Sciences and Security Studies lectures and discussion with Sir Emyr Jones Parry, a distinguished British diplomat.

In his lecture, Perry paid special attention to the importance of Euro-Atlantic integrations for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the role and necessity of strengthening of multilateralism in international relations. United Nations, European Union and NATO are staff organization in today’s world, said this expert in diplomatic developments at high level. He emphasized the fact that, besides a number of good practice examples from these multilateral bodies, they are faced with a series of reforms and improvements. 

Emergence and increase in significance of unconventional threats and actors in international political developments, impose that states revise their approaches to repressing them. Multilateral cooperation is of crucial importance in this.

“Today, interests of a state transcend the state’s territorial borders. Therefore, cooperation represents a more efficient, faster and permanent form of establishing relations in the world,” said Sir Jones Perry.

Further in his lecture, Perry focused on benefits BiH would have from membership in NATO and EU. Although these organizations are providing help and supporting BiH in its efforts to introduce reforms, they cannot and should not be expected to take over responsibility for political fate of this country. Most work and responsibility lies on political representatives of BiH. They are the ones who have to find enough political courage to take initiative.

The lecture and the discussion that followed it was attende3d by a lot of representatives of NGO sector, Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, OHR, academic community and media, as well as Ambassador of UK and Northern Ireland, Michael Tatham.

The event was moderated by Dr. Vlado Azinović, Secretary General of Atlantic Initiative in BiH, who announced similar lectures in the future.

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* Sir Emyr Jones Parry, one of British diplomats with the vastest experience. He started his career in 1973. He assumed numerous important diplomatic positions, of which a very important one was the Ambassador of UK and Northern Ireland in NATO and United Nations. Sir Parry had a PhD in physics.