The progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina toward EU and NATO is in suspense, and the politicians are to be blamed for not executing the needed obligatory reforms, said the EU Special Representative in B&H Valentin Inzko, who held a class today on Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo on the subject: “Country B&H in the process of integration toward EU and NATO-the successes and the setbacks”.

Speaking about the achieved results of B&H in the past years, Inzko pointed out the registered progress, the biometrical passports and the satisfaction of other conditions for liberalization of the visa regime. Beside that, not a lot is done, since B&H also failed to receive MAP.

Inzko said that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s application for MAP will be revised in April, but he warned that the necessary reforms have not been executed. “Citizens must determine the will for European integration, and the politicians must provide that” said Inzko. “It is hardly unlikely to achieve any Constitutional reforms before the elections”, he pointed out. The meeting of the OU PIC will be held next week,

but he does not expect any changes in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina nor in the Office of High Representatives before October.