The third workshop of the Association of Women Judges in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AWJ), “Strengthening Capacities for Planning and Managing Projects,” was held in Konjic on October 6and 7, 2012.

Thirty members of the AWJ, from both the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska, took part. Representatives of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) and the Atlantic Initiative (AI), the workshop’s organizers, were also in attendance. Kathrin Quesada, DCAF Project Coordinator for Gender and Security, and Judge Adisa Zahiragić, AWJ President, opened the event.

Heather Huhtanen of DCAF PresentsThe main objective of the workshop was to strengthen the project management and planning capacities of AWJ members. Amra Selesković, from the Vesta Association, presented lectures, trainings, and presentations in cooperation with Heather Huhtanen (DCAF) and Maida Ćehajić (AI). The interactive nature of the workshop gave AWJ members the opportunity to participate in activities designed for small groups. There was also ample time for discussion, during which participants shared their ideas and opinions.

Strategic Planning for the Coordinating Board of the AWJ:

Prior to the workshop in Konjic, a strategic planning training was held for the Coordinating Board of the AWJ on October 4th at Hotel Bristol in Sarajevo. H.E. Lilloe Vibeke, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Bosnia and Herzegovina, welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of the work that the AWJ is carrying out in Bosnia and Herzegovina. President of AI, Dr. Edina Bećirević, also addressed the participants.

Evaluations completed by the workshop’s participants provided extremely positive feedback. AWJ members agreed that the workshop improved their knowledge of project planning and furthermore that skills learned at the workshop will prove relevant to their future activities. The exchange of experiences and cooperation with fellow judges that occurred at the workshop will ultimately strengthen the AWJ.

The workshop is part of a joint project implemented by DCAF and AI that seeks to strengthen the AWJ and its work.

Author: Adnan Avdagić (November 13, 2012)