Bosnian and Herzegovinian Armed Forces Celebrate Fifth Birthday

{gallery}newsletters/14/3/1{/gallery}The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) celebrated its fifth birthday on December 1st.  The event was marked by a solemn alignment of commands and units at the Rajlovac Military Barracks in Sarajevo. Since the integration of the  military, successors of the armed forces that participated in the aggression against BiH from 1992 to 1995 have shown that responsible cooperation can contribute greatly to reform processes within a post-conflict society.

Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH, Lieutenant-General Miladin Milojčić noted the fact that the Armed Forces of BiH are participating in three international missions is the best proof of its success.  BiH Presidency member Bakir Izetbegović used this solemn occasion to praise the forces.  On the other hand, he reminded them of their obligations.  In order to remain on the path towards NATO membership, BiH has to register 69 military locations as state property (i.e. the property of the BiH Ministry of Defense).

“In BiH, there is a broad consensus regarding NATO and EU membership. Sporadic negative attitudes related to BiH’s Euro-Atlantic integration usually only serve internal party interests focused on daily politics,” said member of BiH Presidency Željko Komšić.

{gallery}newsletters/14/3/2{/gallery}The ceremony was attended by BiH Presidency members Željko Komšić and Bakir Izetbegović, the highest officials of the BiH Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces, members of the Parliamentary Commission for Defense and Security in BiH, representatives of NATO HQ in Sarajevo, EUFOR, diplomatic and military-diplomatic corps in BiH and religious institutions.

One day before the ceremony, within the framework of the anniversary celebration program, a press conference was held at House of the Armed Forces of BiH in Sarajevo by the highest officials of the BiH Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces.  New officials of the BiH Armed Forces staff were presented with their uniforms.

BiH Minister of Defense Selmo Cikotić stated that the Armed Forces of BiH, and the defense structures of BiH in general, prove how a shift can be made from what was agreed to at Dayton.  He further noted that all citizens of BiH can profit from this progress.

Later that day, a Solemn Academy was held with the highest officials of the BiH Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces, national and international officials, diplomatic corps representatives, BiH defense structures officials and numerous other guests.

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Photo: BiH DoD