The Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations’ Countering Violent Extremism Baselines Program is a multi-country research initiative to identify and monitor key subnational indicators of violent extremism (VE) and community resilience. Implemented in partnership with Management Systems International, the program enables the U.S. Government (USG), partner governments, and civil society to better understand and respond to changing VE dynamics.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), local research firm GfK surveyed 2,110 individuals in 41 municipalities across five cantons within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), four municipalities within the Prijedor region of Republika Srpska (RS), and the special district of Brcko from March to April 2018. Atlantic Initiative also conducted interviews and five focus group discussions in Mostar, Prijedor, Sarajevo and Zenica.

Download: Research Findings – Bosnia & Herzegovina