AUTHORS: Dr. Mirza Buljubašić and Dr. Vlado Azinović

The Atlantic Initiative has been dealing with security and justice research since 2009, which includes close cooperation with security institutions, courts and prosecutor’s offices throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Atlantic initiative bases its work on two programs: 1) gender equality, with a focus on the prevention of violence against women, and 2) terrorism, (non)violent extremism and radicalization. In addition, the Atlantic Initiative has been researching and analysing different forms of extremism, violent extremism and radicalization for more than ten years, which has often been the basis for the development of policies and institutional changes. This publication is based on in depth analysis of cases of foreign terrorist fighters, and in accordance with the research results, the authors created recommendations for further action. As the reviewer, prosecutor Ćazim Hasanspahić, states “this publication represents an important document for the projection of future behavior and provides a contribution to the overview of all factors that can influence all segments of society to improve behavior and practice, and therefore as an objective document it deserves praise and provides significant progress towards improving work and actions in this area.” However, in addition to the practical value, this publication is reflected in the fact that it contributes to the scientific and theoretical discussions about the process of radicalization and legal analysis of FTF-s. As the reviewer prof. Dr. Elmedin Muratbegović states, “the discussions and the theoretical setting of this publication are argued with concrete and concise findings and conclusions, which give this work a special scientific and professional significance. Directed attention to the isolated forms of problems accompanying the trial process of terrorist fighters gives this work a special quality. In the end, without any doubt, it can be stated that the manuscript, based on the original research results, methodology, and scientific facts and attitudes, is an up-to-date work that, with its content, contributes to the development of not only research practice, but to a significant extent also theory in the field of anti-terrorism in general.”

The publication “CRIMINAL PROCESSING OF FOREIGN TERRORIST FIGHTERS IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA” was created with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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