Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Armed Forces are defined as the only professional army force that is organized and controlled by Bosnia and Herzegovina (The Defense Law, article 2). Army Forces, as an institution of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is consisted of members of all nationalities of this country, according to the Constitution and the laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is forbidden by the Law to use Army Forces for political purposes, and transparency, democracy and civil control are guarantied.

The question of structure, jurisdiction, chain of commands, tasks and goals of Army Forces are also regulated by the Defense Law. It is important to say that the article 49 of this law obligates respecting the Dayton Peace Agreement and forbids its obstruction. Also, according to the article 84, Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Ministers, Presidency and all other subjects of the defense, according to the Constitution and jurisdiction, will do everything in their power to pursuit all the neccerary activities in order to affiliate Bosnia and Herzegovina into NATO.

According to Minister of Defense Selmo Cikotic, the Army Forces of B&H represent the most responsible, well organized and best disciplined part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s society.